Our Story


Harsh and synthetic chemicals don’t belong in your bath or on your body.


David & Bath Company was created to find authenticity and simplicity in the products we consume day after day. We believe in seeking the purest truth; the natural world around us holds the key to our health and our healing. It is full of everything we need, held in a delicate balance, as each organism relies on another to sustain its own life.


Look back throughout history and you can see how humans have always relied on plants and animals to survive. “Ancient medicine” isn’t referring to any pharmaceuticals, but rather the concoction and application of plant matter to relieve or treat an ailment.  Still today, many remote villages and tribes have a Medicine Man that uses natural remedies to care for their people. 


David & Bath Company is taking this to a whole new level. Although we aren’t treating ailments, we are nourishing ourselves with the same natural benefits. Nothing extra; only what’s necessary. No pigments, colorants, or dyes. No artificial or synthetic ingredients. Just pure, natural goodness.



-Something to note-

I am NOT a doctor, chemist, biologist, or scientist. I’m just a human on a mission to create real products from all natural sources.







Indianapolis, Indiana